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What Ive Learned about Literacy Essay example - 943 Words

Over the last seven weeks of this course, I have activated prior knowledge, learned new information, shared concerns, and strategies with my colleagues. This class affirmed knowledge gained both from my undergraduate studies as well as additional research I have independently completed on literacy. The first week of this class required me to think about how I define literacy. I believe that know that I have completed this course, I am better able to summarize and identify my definition of literacy. Like Tompkins (2010), I define literacy as the ability to read and write inside and outside of the classroom. Comprehension is a large piece of reading. Many students can recite words on a page, but some lack the ability to apply phonics†¦show more content†¦Most teachers are working with computers that are over seven years old. Literacy deixis is the rapid changes in literacy, which impact our students drastically. I feel that often times by the time teachers and students beco me accustomed to a certain aspect of literacy and technology, sudden changes then require both parties to reevaluate the way they teach and learn. Brown, Bryan, and Brown (2005) point out that as the technology in literacy changes teachers must adjust their instruction to accommodate the changes. Assessments is another area that I learned a tremendous amount of information about in this course. Assessments serve many purposes in the classroom. For example, assessments can be used as a diagnostic tool to identify a student’s weaknesses and strengths. Assessments can be used to enrich instruction such as the ERAS, used to assess a student’s motivation in reading. One of the most interesting things I learned during this course was that based on the research of Cloer and Ross (1997) there is a strong correlation between the motivation of a reader and their standardized test scores. I feel that this is an important correlation that teachers know and find ways to improve mo tivation to improve test scores. I believe that assessments have a vital role in the classroom if used correctly.Show MoreRelatedThe Idea Of Sponsors Of Literacy908 Words   |  4 Pages The idea of Sponsors of Literacy was originally proposed by Deborah Brandt in her 1998 article, â€Å"Sponsors of Literacy.† In her article, she argued that Sponsors of Literacy include people, institutions, and circumstances; they vary based on the person’s experiences and surroundings. Sponsors of literacy are essential in everyone’s life due to the powerful role they demonstrate on the long run. In my own reading and writing experience, my sponsors of literacy were my childhood memories, my schoolRead MoreLiteracy Is The Key Structure Of Communication, And Communication1468 Words   |  6 Pageslearn to be successful. Literacy is one of them. Literacy is the ability to read and write, and without either one of them our world would fail. It’s the overall structure of communication, and communication is something that dominates our lifestyle today. Literacy can be met through other things besides reading and authorship. It can be found in newspapers, b ooks, television sources and so much more. It is vital to understand literacy and how resources are related. My literacy skills began to developRead MoreThe Importance Of Information Literacy And How It Is A Lifelong Skill814 Words   |  4 PagesThis class reminded me on the importance of information literacy and how it is a lifelong skill to maintain. â€Å"Based on the prevalent information literacy definitions, someone who is information literate knows how to determine when information is needed, access information using a range of tools, evaluate the information through critical thinking and analysis, and incorporate information into something new through a synthesis of materials. These competencies require individuals to understand andRead MoreMy Letter About The Human Service Program1107 Words   |  5 Pagesmy ears. I was working as a substitute teacher for Nash-Rocky Mount Schools, and a hair stylist on a part-time basis. Deciding to return to school after many years of putting it off; I was nervous when I first walked in Dr. Taylor’s office to talk about the Human Service program. My biggest fear has always been mathematics; it still is. I was not sure if I should start school as a part-time student, or full-time. Not knowing if I could handle more than one or two classes at a time, I decided to tryRead MoreThe Literacy Of Literacy, By Deborah Brandt, And Malcom X Essay1428 Words   |  6 PagesI can recall many people who have enriched my literacy development in some way or another throughout my life. The most influential literacy sponsors in my life include my mother, myself, my high school English teacher, and even my librarian. Even the authors Deborah Brandt, and Malcom X have supported my claim. The essay, â€Å"Sponsors of Literacy† was written by Deborah Brandt, who conn ected her writing with her sponsors. Malcom X’s essay, â€Å"Learning to Read†, reminded me of one of the most importantRead MoreMy Main Expectation Coming Into $ 115, Law And Justice921 Words   |  4 Pagesto start learning law related material. For me, when writing, its important that I’m writing about something that I either enjoy or something I’m interested in. My main goal was that I’d be able to creatively express myself through telling interesting stories. This class accomplished that with the freedom that was allotted to me when it came to choosing what I wanted to write about. In other classes I’ve just been given very specific prompts that don’t allow a lot of creativity. Although a majorityRead MorePersonal Statement : My Theological Obligations Essay1075 Words   |  5 Pagestaking quizzes, allows me to learned about different theological terms, concepts, and many famous theologians. My knowledge on what I’ve learned from my reading was challenged by the Engaging-a-Text assignments, located at the end of each chapter. It required me to explain theological terms, concepts and view of each theologian in my own words. Another reading required for this course is called the Patron Saints for Postmoderns by Chris R. Armstrong, where I’ve learned about many Saints and contributionRead MoreThe Importance Of Financial Literacy Campaign811 Words   |  4 Pageswe need a full-on financial literacy campaign, combining in- and out-of-school support. First, financial literacy needs to begin long before high school. Often, by our teens, many of us have already formed poor money habits. Reaching kids at an early, receptive age will instill smart money habits and a stronger ability to comprehend finances later on. Incorporating opportunities to learn about money into elementary and middle schools can get young people thinking about financing early. For instanceRead MoreLiteracy Is An Important Tool For Everyone929 Words   |  4 Pages Literacy is an important tool for everyone. It’s more than just learning to read or write. It is about being able to communicate with people, it is about being able to grasp the information you are reading in order to learn. The experiences that a student has when it comes to literacy is important. Each experience can either cause a student to continue to want to learn or it can cause a student to shut down and make it harder for them to learn. My own experiences with literacy made me a betterRead MoreMy Reading And Literacy754 Words   |  4 PagesLiteracy is the ability to read and write. Growing up, we all start by learning our ABC’s and numbers. As we age, we start to understand reading more, broaden our vocabulary, and comprehend how sentence structure works. Reading for me, when I was young, was my least favorite thing. Now, I find myself reading books frequently and looking for books I might like in bookstores. It took a lot of work to get where I am today, but I know I still have much to learn about reading and writing. In elementary

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